Hounds and Harlots – The Good Fight


© 2012 Hounds and Harlots

houndsandharlotsHot on the tail of their most recent demo release, Bay area street punk trio, Hounds & Harlots are back at it with a brand new full length. The record dropped around the tail end of 2012 and is set to be in heavy rotation for me in 2013.

The Good Fight comes fully equipped with 12 tracks of sing-a-long, rowdy, rollicking punk rock and roll. The songs are just like I like ‘em, upper tempo punk rock numbers all hitting around the two minute mark. Lyrically the music is firmly planted in punk culture; life on the road, coming back home, loss, loneliness, the daily grind of a working class life. It is relatable and heartfelt.

Musically, the songs are tight and focused. This is consistently the reason that I tend to like trios. With fewer working parts, each member is forced to be both solid and inventive to create a larger/bigger sound that belies the minimal nature; Crisp guitar, solid bass, snappy drums and articulate vocals complement the arrangements well.

At the end of the day, this is what punk rock is all about. Anger and energy lashed together with a fierce loyalty and albeit battered and bruised, a glimmer of hope at the end of a dark night. So cheers to the fellas from Divisadero on a spot on new release, one that I helps take them up a rung or two higher in rock and roll echelons.

–Jerry Actually

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