Dead To Me – African Elephants


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dead_to_me_300Somehow along the way I missed the bus when it comes to Dead To Me. I’m not sure how, but that is in the past now and we don’t have to dwell on it, do we? I can’t help but be curious about the prior LP and EP that I missed, but what if I listen to them and it takes away from how I feel about the new album African Elephants? I think I’ll hold off for now and bask in the glory of what is currently my favorite disc. San Francisco punk rockers, Dead To Me, have crafted an album that is at once both familiar, yet novel. The band wears their influences on their sleeve. The Clash, Police, Nirvana, perhaps even Violent Femmes? The effort, however, is far from cookie cutter or pandering to fans of their influences. Instead it is 13 tracks of diverse and unique punk rock. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but there is something about trios. When done right, as it is here, they are a musical powerhouse. Flat out, African Elephants has the guts and sincerity to be a serious contender as one of my all time favorite discs.

–Jerry Actually

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