Code 4-15 [Raise Your Glass]

Code 4-15 – Raise Your Glass (c) 2007 Pirish Records At first glance at the packaging of Raise Your Glass, I couldn't help think that Code 4-15 is going to be a rowdy drunk punk rock heavy on the sing-a-long choruses, something in the vein of Dropkick or perhaps Gang Green.  Instead what I found is a competent and catchy west coast punk band that leans a bit towards the pop-punk side of the spectrum.  Even with a cover of the traditional "Leaving of Liverpool", Code 4-15 comes across more Greenday or Bad Religion than anything East Coast.  Despite the bait and switch, I still think that Raise Your Glass is a good disk.  I don't know that it is paving the way for a Santa Barbara "Drink Rock" revolution, but it is still nice to hear some punk outta of the coastal enclaves.–Jerry Actually 

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