Braincell Graveyard – The F*cking EP



braincell_graveyardYou may recall (you likely don’t) that I reviewed a previous release by Braincell Graveyard. Well, I get the distinct (dis)pleasure of coughing up some more words for this new(er) release. “The F*cking EP) came out about a year ago and I’ve had it sitting on my desk. To be honest, I wasn’t even going to review it, but at the band’s insistence and/or persistence, I gave it another listen.

This new recording doesn’t deviate far from the thematic elements of the previous “Drunk Punk Anthems”. Shooting pornos, blowing loads, and rampant sex are the topic du jour for the “The F*cking EP” as well. I’m certainly not surprised given the title. At this point though, I’m past the sophomoric schtick. It’s kinda the Andrew Dice Clay of punk, only less funny and with far more misogynistic overtones.

The “EP” offers eight tracks (which is a lot for an EP) running between 30 seconds and three and a half minutes. Maybe it’s like an maxi-EP? At any rate, once again, the talent of the performance far outpaces the quality of the concept. I was hoping that the lads had perhaps matured a bit, but alas it’s not to be. Maybe I’m missing out on this whole “Porn Punk” thing and I just don’t get it.

They made the effort, so I appreciate that, but overall, I was left feeling like this is just something that I can’t subscribe to.

If you’re curious, you can find out more about the band here:
–Jerry Actually

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