Beijing to Boston

Brain Failure/Big D & The Kids Table – Beijing to Boston (c) 2007 Bad News Records Hell fucking yeah!  Beijing to Boston is a split CD featuring Brain Failure—the first honest to goodness punk band outta China—and  Boston's Big D and The Kid's Table.  I have to say that I'm awfully impressed with Brain Failure.  Their opening six tracks on the split evoke memories of Rancid, Dropkick, Social D and The Clash.  Dickie Barrett (of Bosstones fame) lends a hand on the intro track “Come on Down to Beijing”.  Despite the Clash reference, don't expect anything too political though, given how things seem to work in China regarding dissent, Brain Failure keeps the subject matter pretty light: songs about inviting you down to Beijing and living in a city and being brainless etc… No matter what though, it is freaking awesome to hear brothers in arms from another country breaking it out like the rest of us.  Go world unity!  Let us not forget our brothers from a different East.  Boston's Big D & The Kid's Table shore up the final six tracks on the split.  The tracks from Big D are all new and as always are nothing short of stellar.  They start us out with the trippy and spacial "Faded" and then bring us back in to the more familiar and infectious ska punk that we've come to love these last 10 years.  Here's the big breakdown, this disc is the mad note on a whole lot of levels.  Two great bands, 12 great songs and a monumental cultural bridge.  In a word, brilliant!–Team !upstarter 

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