Werewolfs – So Yeah, We’re Werewolves

(c) 2010

Werewolfs ...So Yeah, We're Werewolves...…So Yeah, Were Werewolves. Just from the band name you can tell that they’re one of them overly confident metalcore band that are oh so popular right about now. From Colorado, there’s not much to know other than they had a bit of a break, then reformed late 2010. Werewolfs was released in December, and is a re-release of their Cadavers EP and also features demos from 2008.

The album opens with an intro track full of noises straight out of a horror movie sound effect library. Then the screams, on ‘Majesticadaver’, scare you out of your skin as soon as they’re registered in your brain. By screams I mean vocals, if that’s what you wanna call them. The instrumental side of it is chaotic, with pretty much no structure whatsoever. There’s a slight hint of Every Time I Die to them, only slight. Don’t get too excited.

‘Jenny From The Blockadaver (Undead Version)’ starts with the typical chugging Hardcore guitar riff, joined by electro/keyboard sounds, think Enter Shikari. There’s a very long intro- 1 minute, as opposed to none at all on the first track, but not much difference from the track before it. It’s clear now that it’s going to be hard to tell one song from the other.

Straight into the screams again on ‘Anachronisticadaver’. The feral instrumentals continue onto this one, making it hard to tell where one track ends and the next begins. ‘Sunshine Friends/ Dr. Jurassic Park (demo)’ kicks off with a deeper scream- kinda like Candace from Walls Of Jericho. Then the insane, screechy yelps re-emerge. Damn. Gang vocals are added to the mix of out of tune wailing on the chorus of, this, the first of 2008’s demo tracks on this record.

‘Majesticadaver (demo)’ sounds the same as the mastered version, just not as polished. What you’d expect from a demo. Oh, and it’s 4 seconds longer. One demo track that’s better than the mastered version (and most of the other songs for that matter), is ‘Anachronisticadaver (demo)’. It actually has some structure to it. Again with the pointless empty 1 minute intro on ‘J- Dahm’s Bromance (demo), which is a shame because it is one of the best songs on the CD. There’s a pause in the middle of it, then it starts back up again, who knows if it’s two tracks in one. ‘Scott Beowolf (demo)’, the final track, is an epic electro instrumental piece. Well, until 2 minutes in when the yells kick in. That’s all it is, yells. No words, just yelling for over a minute. And this still counts as music how exactly?

…So Yeah, to sum it up, this compilation of an EP and demo tracks is essentially 25 minutes of deranged, unsettling noise. Which is pretty much the definition of math-core. So enjoy! I suppose.


5 thoughts on “Werewolfs – So Yeah, We’re Werewolves”

  1. You’re an absolute idiot sir. This band is about the furthest thing from “metalcore” I could think of, infact they never fit in with the shitty chug scene in Colorado AT ALL, or were popular for that matter. They always did their own thing and didn’t give a shit what other people thought. You find the most trivial things to complain about/mention, yet fail to notice that there isn’t a single guitar on the entire cd which begs the question if you even listened to it. This is the bands first release, so the recording quality is obviously not going to be pristine, but the songwriting is phenomenal and if you were listening you could hear that. In their live show they ditched the synths, and that’s the setting they really shine in, in my opinion. And last, their vocalist is probably the most talented in the entire Colorado local scene, he actually uses different techniques and adds variety to the music, but they aren’t too far out there where they distract from the music. This band is one of about 3 bands in all of Colorado actually doing something interesting and creative, instead of rearranging the same breakdowns into different songs like most shit bands here.

  2. I probably should have stopped reading when you wrote, “…the typical chugging Hardcore guitar riff.” But instead I chuckled about how the internet has given a microphone to those who don’t deserve it.

    I am of course talking about the ‘reviewer’ here, not Werewolves; Werewolves don’t even have a guitar player, let alone own a guitar…. (Now that I think about it, I’m going to buy Eric, their bassist, a guitar rack for Christmas.)

    My point is: if you don’t even know what an instrument you’re trying to review sounds like, how can we trust you to judge the way it’s composed?

    How did you even get this job? If you’re doing it for fun, I suggest sitting the next few rounds out.

    But really, I’m disturbed less by your lack of musical knowledge* and more by the lack of journalistic integrity you display by thinking this article is anywhere near subjective, or even accurate.

    *the first sentance you get describing ‘mathrock’ when googled is: “a rhythmically complex and dissonant style of metalcore.” You were right when you said rhythmically complex music makes you unsettled; I’m also scared by things I don’t understand.

  3. Since when did a bass guitar stop being a guitar??

    A review is one persons opinion.
    And you know what they say, opinions are like assholes. Everybody’s got one and everyone thinks everyone else’s stinks.
    You’re also like opinions Devin and Josepfine.

    Grow some balls and learn to take it that not everyone shares your god damn taste in music.

    Oh, and by the way, call me an absolute idiot if you want, but at least get my sex right for fuck sake.

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