Terror – Forever Crossing the Line

(c) 2009 Trustkill Records

terrorSo ya think hardcore can’t come from the left coast? Well you’re wrong. L.A. Based Terror flippin’ rips it up old school. Forever Crossing The Line (5 Years In The Making) comes correct in all ways. Driving rhythms, pounding drums, crushing guitar, vox with just enough menace but not too much growl. You get 17 tracks, some live, of what is ostensibly East Coast Hardcore albeit from the West Coast. Just because you have palm trees and white sand beaches doesn’t mean you ever get to see ’em. Any way, I know that this review is hella late and Terror even has a new one out (The Damned The Shamed). I was cleaning my office and found it at the bottom of the stack. I feel that this disc is worthy of attention for its true to form hardcore.

–Jerry Actually


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