Rizorkestra [American Guitar]

Rizorkestra – American Guitar (c) 2007 Unstrictly Roots A while back, on a walk through the local art museum, I encountered an exhibit that grabbed my attention.  As I looked the content over, it began to seem over-processed and almost sterile.  Nested on the wall next to each piece, were statements from the artist typed out on little scraps of matting board.  I can't recall specific quotes but I remember one that read something to the effect of… “If Picasso were here in the 21st century, he would use a computer for his work too.” I was astonished. It seemed almost like a betrayal of human expression to me. I always believed the formula should be:Human thought process>Medium>Art – NOT – Human>Processor>Product.American Guitar is a nice break from the over-processed, over-produced shit  we hear everyday.  It is true, bluesy, folksie and unpretentious. While it provides no angst or punkiness, I would recommend taking a listen.  You may be surprised to learn that somewhere out there, people are still “paying respect to the roots”.–Krystal Tolle

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