Comeback Kid [Broadcasting]

Comeback Kid – Broadcasting… (c) 2007 Victory Records Much like the cover of Comeback Kid's new Victory release, the world is being buried.  It is being buried under a heaping pile of banality.  I largely suspect the people at Billboard were high when they said this was "hardcore" and Kerrang is off of their collective rocker if they think this is "ABSOLUTELY F***ing AWESOME".  This CD couldn't hold my interest if it was the flipping World Bank.  Honestly, it isn't that the CD is especially bad.  It is that it is specifically not especially good.  It is that everything is becoming homogenized and sterilized and horror inspiringly insipid.  Remember when rock was a threat and a rebellious show of force and not a packaged commodity?  Yeah, me neither 'cause this has been going on way to damn long.–Jerry Actually

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