Anthem for Odyssey [Come Blister the Sea]

Anthem for Odyssey – Come Blister the Sea (c) 2007 Purewicked Publishing I am oddly at a loss as to what, precisely, to say in regards to Anthem for Odyssey.  They are pretty and haunting, ethereal yet substantial.  It is the moment where sleep and dreams collide.  Come Blister the Sea, by length, is a five track 18 minute EP.  So by punk rock standards, a double album.  Though some of the songs clock in at over four minutes, they move lithely enough to not leave you bored, yet the continuity of the arrangements is fluid enough that it doesn't create a rift.  Sonically, Anthem for Odyssey, is what I would akin to eastern euro dreampop, reminiscent of The Rentals or perhaps a softer version of Salt.  This is a great CD for the musically adventurous.  In all likelihood I wouldn't have picked this one out for myself, but I find myself listening to it over and over again like the siren's song of a different odyssey.  Enjoy, but beware the trap, as it all to quickly draws to an end.–Jerry Actually 

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