Happy Birthday, Esé. You’re a Man Now!

I’m a few days late in posting this, but !upstarter officially turned 18 years old last Friday.

It is amazing how much things have changed, how much things have remained the same, and how time marches the fuck on.

I’ve been privileged to listen to and meet so many great bands from across the globe. I’ve been able to go to a shit ton of shows I wouldn’t have otherwise even known about. It’s been a fantastic way to keep touch with the music and people that I love.

I wish that I could say that !upstarter is a thriving enterprise, but the truth is that these days it’s just a one man operation. That one man seems to have little time or motivation to muster more than a half-assed attempt most of the time anymore. I swear a lot that I’ll work on it, and I suppose in the last few months I have, but I’m not making any more promises.

Enough of the whining though. HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY, !upstarter.

Jerry Actually

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