Schecter Amps

So, it looks like Schecter, as in Schecter Guitar Research is going to be introducing a new line of amps. I’ve got limited details at this point, but as a big fan of their guitars, I’m extremely excited about the upcoming products. I hope to check them out first hand at the upcoming 2013 NAMM show.

2 thoughts on “Schecter Amps”

  1. i love schecter to the bones, so im extremely excited for the amps to come out. i hope they are tube amps and dont cost too much. if thats the case, ill be sure to buy myself a nice schecter tube half stack and sell my old one. are you sure they release at namm?

    1. I don’t know if they’ll be available at/after NAMM, but I know they will be on display. I’m dying to check them out.

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