Armed For A Crisis “Progressions”

Armed For A Crisis are a melodic hardcore band from Nottingham U.K. They have quite an interesting approach to the heavier side of things. Technical, while yet letting the music breathe with layered and building juxtaposing tones.

I very much enjoy this album because I do not get the sense it is driven to achieve anything outside of the satisfaction of its members. Odd clean passages that build into heavy groove laden swells of distortion, that then are met with angst ridden vocals and very tightly accomplished time pushes and pulls.

The production is well done to boot. Original, heavy, impressive, the only downside is it is short and leaves me wanting to hear more. All in all Armed For A Crisis meld awesome musical thoughts together to form a coherent drive that is textured to make you listen and you should.

– Ry-Not

Dorset Speed – “Its My Party”

Ok… It’s short, free and not at all bad. The first two tracks rip it and the latter are good, but there is a very strong resemblance to a vocal genius, not to be named by me. Sounding similar is sometimes just how it is, but to me I hear this vocalists exact style. Oh well, I wish I could posses those pipes myself. I dig these guys and hope they continue to play energetic punk with non sense lyrics, just move a little further away from copping, more to the ends of influence. Just go get it, it is worth it.

Swing For The Fences “If You Only Knew…”

Well, let’s start off with the fact that I am not usually a pop punk fan. To my surprise, after giving this disc a few spins, it has grown on me. These gents from Detroit have a strong sound, good writing, and the production captures what I would guess is a tight live band. The lyric matter is usually what isn’t my cup o’ punk rock tea with regards to the pop end of the genre, but this EP strikes so much musically and vocally that I can overlook this with ease. The last two tracks really stand out to me, with their punch and nods to hardcore. If pop punk is you thing, check this release out. If it isn’t, give it a chance or check out their live shows and see what happens, you never know, right? Kudos on the title track gents.


Only Fumes & Corpses Who really cares, what really lasts


(c) 2010 Lockjaw Records

In a genre that has been around for quite a long time, with both great and sub-par examples, Only Fumes & Corpses exceed the marginal with piss and vinegar. Driving rhythms dressed in aggressive attitude, with a spirit of quality musicianship that shows they truly feel the passion for their music. I don’t think this album will make it to the top of the heap of the best hardcore albums, but it is far superior to the mass releases, and shows to me that I should keep a keen eye on this band and their development. I do not find a bad track on this album. It courses along with heaviness, emotion, heart, and a diverse arrangement of influence . If you like hardcore, pick this album up. You won’t be disappointed. Cheers to Only Fumes & Corpses!