Top 10 of 2012


Wow, would you look at the time? Just do it, ok? By it I mean take a look at a calendar. It is almost 2013. Seriously, what happened to 2012? I’m old. I comment on the passage of time. Get over it. Truly though I wish I had been a little more productive here at !upstarter in 2012. I’m sure that a great number of awesome tunes slipped through my tenuous grasp.

Sometime between a day job and a band project of my own I managed to squeeze in time for 25 reviews this year. That’s one per fortnight, I guess I shouldn’t sell myself short on production. I’m sure that last year wasn’t much different. But down to the guts and glory, if you made the list, a big round of applause. If you sent something in for review and I missed out on something awesome, there is no penalty for re-submission. Without further adieu, I present the best of 2012:

1. Morning Glory – Poets Were My Heroes

2. The Downtown Struts – Victoria!

3. Classics of Love

4. The Atom Age – The Hottest Thing That’s Cool

5. Masked Intruder

6. Harrington Saints – Pride & Tradition

7. The Real McKenzies – Westwinds

8. The Ducky Boys – Chasing The Ghost

9. Problems – Make It Through The Night

10. Eli Whitney & The Sound Machine – Mickey

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