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Well, it’s been a little while since we last heard anything from Boston four-piece The Acrobrats. Four some years after the first review, (for us) I’m pleased to present their new EP, “Hair Trigger” The five track (one of which is totally super secret) 7” Brings more of the [previously] familiar alterna-punk-pop-rock that I enjoyed on …Go Down Swinging.

All the tracks on Hair Trigger are short and punchy and filled with just enough rock to temper the pop punk sound and make the whole release sound just a little bit more edgy than it otherwise might. Speaking of the rock and roll, The tracks really bring me back to earlier days. Maybe it is because its on vinyl? Maybe there is just a genuine old-80s vibe to it. Then again it could be track B2, “Crave”. It’s a little more aggressive than the others and really picks things up at the end.

At any rate, I dig it. Several more cheers for the boys in The Acrobrats. Keep up the good work. Incidentally, the only thing that keeps me from a higher rating is that the star scale is only broken down by halves. I would totally go 3.75 if I could.

–Jerry Actually


Track Listing:

A1 – Hair Trigger

A2 – Well Enough Alone

B1 – Simpleton

B2 – Crave

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