Joshua Lanes – The Dance Thunder EP

(c)2008 Spillway Records


dancethunderThe Dance Thunder EP is strange and good and cool…reminds me of weird early 90’s bootleg tapes that we’d listen to in the high school photo lab, or mid 90’s albums you’d hear wafting through dorm halls on move-in day.  It’s a bit Pixies, a tad Modest Mouse, a smidge mellow Sonic Youth.  The songs have that fun sound of indie tracks peppered into Chuck or this-season’s-Juno movies.

I adore what they say on their press sheet: “Joshua Lanes never proclaim to be creating music that has never been done before, like so many of the delusional bands today. All Joshua Lanes want is to play music that they enjoy rocking out to on a daily basis and play it for the world.”  Play on.


The Loved Ones – Distractions

(c)2009 Fat Wreck Chords

lovedonesdistractions Philly punkers The Loved Ones dropped this 6 track EP earlier this year, needing to give fans something to hold between whirlwind touring.  Half originals, half covers, it performs well as it stands. EPs should leave you wanting more than their scant offerings, and Distractions does just that.

Starting with a powerful song of a woman overcoming domestic violence, rocking through to a drunkard’s lament, and punking out on an awesome weekend anthem, the original tracks show promising writing and talented performances.    The covers are mixed: a wonderful electric version of Bruce Springsteen’s Johnny 99 (just as moving in today’s economic climate), Billy Bragg’s Lovers Town Revisited, and Joe Strummer’s Coma Girl.  While they fit the feel of the album, I love to hear a more original interpretation in covers than just excellent reproductions.  For an EP, Distractions impresses, and I am eagerly awaiting a new full-length.