Freedom Assault – Welcome to 1984


© 2010 Freedom Assault

Welcome to 1984 is a newer (Oct 2010) release from multi-regional (both Maine and Arizona) “peace punk” band Freedom Assault. From the band’s website: “We are a political and socially conscience punk rock influenced band. We play mid to fast paced music with dual female and male vocals. We are Travis, Les, Brand-o and Rob.” The sound is very very garage/lo-fi with distorted hyper-fuzz guitar and drum over low-in-the-mix vox. A very DIY sounding effort indeed. I’m not saying that is a bad thing, I like raw music, but if you like a little more polish, Welcome to 1984 may not be for you.

The lyrics are passionate and topical focusing on things like animal testing, terrorism and, you know, zombies. The tracks are quick almost entirely clocking in at under the two minute mark, just fine for me. Actually you get eight songs in just around 14 minutes. (a bonus Queers cover if you are one of the lucky ones to have the pre-order download.)

Overall, I like the spirit and I like the intensity. However, I would like just a little bit more control behind the production. The mix seems out of balance, way to guitar heavy and way too muddy in a way that it sounds like somebody hit record on a jam box during band practice. That said, Welcome to 1984 is a decent blast of DIY punk rock.

–Jerry Actually

1)Many Will Die…
2)Terror Front
5)DIY Pride
6)Survival of the Richest
7)System Failure*
8)Life Dogmatic With Pat Robertson*
9)Live This Life**

tracks 1-3, 8:
Travis – guitar, bass, vocals
les – vocals
Brand-O – drums, back up vocals

tracks 4-7, 9:
Travis – guitar, vocals
les – vocals
Rob – drums
Fernando – bass, back up vocals

*Included on the digital download
**Included on the preorder digital download, written by the Queers.
You can visit their website read more about Freedom Assault