Year End Top 10


It’s that time of year again when everyone is posting their “best of” year end lists.  For me, it would be ridiculous to think that my list is going to be a whole lot different in content then somebody elses, there may be some differences, but mostly I just want to feel important by posting my list for everyone else to read:

1)  Polar Bear ClubClash Battle Guilt Pride-This was was not my favourite album of the year, although it would definitely be near the top, I think it is the best written album of the year and really shows the group coming into their own.

2) The Horrible CrowesElsie-This album contains some of my favourite Brian Fallon songs, as well as some of my least favourite, but what I respect most about this album is that Fallon and bandmate Ian Perkins were able to step out of the shadow cast by The Gaslight Anthem and create something uniquely their own.

3) The Rebel Spell-It’s A Beautiful Future-My personal favourite album of the year, it has all the ferocity of their prior releases plus a sense of urgency that is a direct reflection of the time it was written.

4)  Red City Radio-The Dangers of Standing Still-The bands Paper and Plastick debut built off of their earlier EP and showed that they are continuing to get better.

5) Mall’d to DeathThe Process of Reaching Out-This was another of my favourite releases and also contains my favourite song of the year “Migraine Belt.”

6) Banner PilotHeart Beats Pacific-This album is currently on repeat in my truck and I blame it for my speeding.

7) The Slow DeathBorn Ugly Got Worse-This is the album I turn to if I just want to enjoy listening to music.

8) Junior BattlesIdle Ages-It took me a long time to catch onto this album, but when I did it was as close to a revelation as I came this year.

9) Have NotsProud-This album was the one I anticipated the most, and it did not disappoint me.

10) Against Me!-Total Clarity-I know this album was made up of mainly demos that weren’t all that different then the songs that went on the album, but the unreleased tracks brought me back to when I first heard them and was quite inspired.

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