Catch 22 Permanent Revolution

Catch 22 – Permanent Revolution (c)2006 Victory RecordsAs I sit and listen to this Catch 22 release, I must say this is one of the best from the ska-punk band from New Jersey.  Having all their other releases, I must say I was excited to hear the newest one.  Now I must say that the first couple of times through this CD I thought it was kinda slow and different, but the more you listen to it the more I love it.  The CD explores the life of Leon Trotsky and it is very interesting how the story is told.  Catch 22 has brought us yet another great Disc and their live performance to back it up cements that.  I hope that Catch 22 will continue to bring us great music 'cause I know I will be listening.  I will give this CD 4.5 checkerboards out of 5, so pick it up and dance your ass off!!!

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