The Defilers

The Defilers – Metal Mountains (c) 2005 Dry Run RecordsStraight outta motherfucking Louisville! The Defilers pack the power of the Cult, Kiss, Clutch, Black Sabbath and Zeke into one sweet rock and roll cavalcade. "Metal Mountains" presents 9 tracks of progressive metallic indie-like rock without the pretension. Basically what we got here is heavy rock and roll. It seems that if all things must run the viscous circle, a resurrection of early 70's power rock is way low on the list of evils. The one downfall to "Metal Mountains" (at least for me), some of the track are just way too damn long. But you should determine your own attention span. None the less, If you like to rock and you like to crank it really freakin' loud, then by all means head to the Metal Mountains!

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