The New Rivals

The New Rivals – S/T (c) 2007 SoBe Entertainment Do I have an immediate suspicion of a "punk rock" band on a beverage based label that gives top billing to label mate Brook Hogan?  You bet your ass I do.  The New Rivals have all the trappings of a band either sourced or designed to fit a market formula.  The songs are just edgy enough, but not offensive.  The tracks are almost all within the radio friendly three minute zone.  The music is performed ably enough, but it seems like all of this ground has been well paved in the past.  That being said, if you were to score this CD with a SoBe cap or something, that would be better than some beverage cap prizes.  Incidentally, SoBe Entertainment claims to be an Indy Label: "SoBe Entertainment is an independent record label based in Miami Beach, FL." – this is right off their web site. They aren't making any claims to a connection with SoBe the beverage, but I'll draw my own I think.  On top of that, this disc came to me from Universal … not exactly independent.–Jerry Actually 

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