The Briefs [The Greatest Story Ever Told]

The Briefs – The Greatest Story Ever Told (c) 2007 BYO RecordsBehold as the history of The Briefs unfolds before you very eyes. Formed in the wee young year of 2000 in a post grunge Seattle, The Briefs kick out ’77 style fun loving punk rock. If you’re into this sort thing, the DVD comes jam packed w/ over two hours of Briefs footage including live, practice and studio footage and of course, the complete history of The Briefs. Along w/ the video you also get a bonus eight track live CD. Incidentally, The Lawrence Arms may have already tried to tell you the greatest story ever, but did they give you a DVD to go with it? No! I didn’t think so! So kick back and watch and listen to the greatest story ever told.–Jerry Actually

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