Broadway Calls-Comfort/Distraction

Since the beginning of the year many of my favourite bands have either announced release dates or have released a new record.  I have to admit Comfort/ Distraction was probably the album I have anticipated most.  It was worth every second I waited for it.  

Broadway Calls are not a group that is ashamed of their influences and it shines through on numbers like “Minus One”, the Green Day influence is unmistakable as well as undeniable.  At the same time they are not afraid to add their own voice to the punk rock conversation with the Jimmy Stadt referencing lyric from Zombie World “James was only half correct.  Year our friends are saints, but their all toxic train wrecks.” 

While their sound is firmly rooted in those that have come before them, they still manage to create music that doesn’t become too derivative.  The vocals and melodies heard on Comfort/Distraction make the music stand out from their peers and create a style that is their own. 

 People who have followed the band’s previous efforts have long considered them among the best but Comfort /Distraction will further establish Broadway Calls as pop punk heavyweights and create a place for them among the elite of the genre all the while embracing where they come from as they move forward.

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