Ty Tabor

Ty Tabor – Naomi's Solar Pumpkin (re-master) © 1997 Tabor Tooth Records – 2005 Official bootlegThe version of Naomi's Solar Pumpkin (NSP) that I am reviewing is the 2005 re-master of the original 1997 release. Written and released by Ty Tabor , the astounding guitar player and song writer from the perpetually underrated band King's X, NSP reflects the best parts of Faith Hope Love era Kings X. The CD is filled with some of the most tasteful guitar work around and though it crosses a lot of gray area genres, it is largely on the mellow side. (this is of course subjective) In regards to the more aggressive end of the CD's spectrum, Ty Tabor was running “Drop-D” tuning long before it became the status quo. This is certainly evident on NSP. I can't exactly speak for the quality difference between the original and the re-master as I don't have the original for a reference. I will however just assume that the new version is better. That being said, I'll keep this short. Ty rocks!-Jerry Actually

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