Mike Park

Mike Park – North Hangook Falling© 2005 Sub City / Asianman RecordsMike Park’s second solo release carries on in the same vein as the previous “For the Love of Music”, insofar as it being largely vocals over acoustic guitar. “North Hangook Falling” expands on the instrumentation of the first by adding more electricity and occasional string sections.Though a far cry from the ska of Skankin’ Pickle or The Bruce Lee Band, Mike Park’s solo work is very compelling and often very solemn. The content and seeming introspection make me draw a comparison between this CD and Steve Earle’s “Transcendental Blues” it isn’t direct, but something I just can’t pinpoint is there. Overall the disc has a somber tone, especially with the addition of the strings; it makes for a good listen to depress out to, with a redemption and catharsis at the end.Mike has a very consistent and likeable style with sad melodies and memorable yet haunting lyrics. In addition to “North Hangook Falling” being a great CD, a portion of the proceeds go to the Plea for Peace Foundation.The disc contains 12 tracks and clocks in at 38:43 Highlights include Track 2. Keeping the Seat Warm and Track 12 a live version of Blue Marble (this on is great) there is also a remake of “Korea is So Far Away” I prefer the original, but there’s no harm in trying.www.mikeparkmusic.comwww.pleaforpeace.com <J /> Jerry Actually

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