Mark Lind

Mark Lind – Death or Jail (c) 2006 Sailor's Grave RecordsDeath or Jail is the debut solo release of Ducky Boy's lead singer Mark Lind. Death or Jail is a guts and grit singer/song writer album from and for the working class ala Springsteen or The Hudson Falcons. Lyrically and musically Mark Lind evokes a sense of sadness and loss for times past and times present. These lines from "No Future" (Death or Jail) sum up this tragic loneliness all too well. "I come from no future and reach for the light, These days I'm hanging on without a net" Each of the tracks on Death or Jail comes with some explanation by Lind. They help to provide insight into the specific emotions of each song. Over all Death or Jail is a emotional tail of life and growing up hoping for better days. I can only imagine that the release of this disc was a huge catharsis for Mark Lind. It is also interesting to see a slightly different take on a shared childhood. Mark Lind is the brother of Rob Lind from Blood for Blood. Whereas White Trash Rob seems pissed off and slighted, Mark seems to be more jaded and world weary. Either way, pretty intense stuff.

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