Dream Seeker – The Velvet Mask

Dream Seeker – The Velvet Mask Tony DeCarvalho & Damian Hospital (c) 2006While I appreciate the content, I can honestly say that The Velvet Mask has nothing in the way of punk, ska or hardcore. It is, in fact, SCI-FI. If you’re into that..read it. If you are looking at !upstarter as a sort of WAL-MART for your media, by all means, BUY AND READ THIS BOOK. If have you come to read about music, music reviews and interviews with musicians, PLEASE, don’t waste your time. This novel has not been written well, it has NOTHING TO DO with music and it has TOO MANY BASEBALL AND BROADWAY REFERNCES. The Velvet mask reminds me of a comic book written as a film script for a Hollywood blockbuster. NO MUSIC, NO PUNK, NO SKA, NO HARDCORE. Just sci-fi. I’m sorry, not good reading. You would be better off with a copy of your favorite comic book. Might I recommend anything from DARKHORSE?

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