Cherry Bomb

by Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna

SSE 2008



I always thought of myself as a rock chick so I thought Cherry Bomb would be a fun read. My overall conclusion is that it is a cute book but I not sure it can make me a better rock chick. Well, if I lived in Hollywood it might. It has some good parts and some boring parts.

The book starts off with a lessons on drinking Absinthe and making apple martinis which I may have to try someday. Carrie bounces back and forth between how to land a rock star boyfriend and how to dress like a rock star. Not being one who cares too much about fashion and designer clothing I found the chapters about famous rock designers boring.

Also I find that I have no need for a rock star boyfriend due to the fact that I have been married for 16 years. I believe being a rock chick is a state of mind, not the because I am wearing Gaultier or have my tongue pierced. In my book, rock chicks care less about what others think and do whatever the hell they want. Seems more like a promotion for her famous friends than a guide on how to bring out the inner rock chick.

–Kiki D

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