Getting to Know the Buckaroux Banshees

Where are you from and when did you get started?

Formed in St. Paul Minnesota! – 4 guys (We’ve since added a drummer! We were 3 members originally w/ no drummer) who felt a serious void of music (All their other groups had called a hiatus or disbanded i.e. – Grimace – Conquistadores – Streetwise Professors – Corp D… You know, typical obscure Twin Cities Punk Groups..) in their lives so one winter day in 2011 they decided to form “Buckaroux Banshees” – A hybrid of all previous group members projects that would try harder promoting themselves. Create sharper songs. And most importantly play stellar live shows!

Who are you and who does what in the band?

4 piece band!
Matt Graske (Me) Rhythm Gtr
Gregg Schmitt – Lead Gtr
Chad Medellin – Bass
Ryan Blue – Drums
* Everybody writes lyrics and sings them!
We have an awesome eclectic mix of singers in this group and this keeps the songs very interesting. There’s no clear front man. – But we don’t care! We ‘ve been working hard on the music! It’s coming together nicely!

How would you best describe the sound?

Fugazi type “progressive” punk music
We challenge ourselves to not write the same song over again repeatedly.
We take turns singing and changing time signatures
We have a disco song
We have a 3/5 timed song. We need to keep ourselves entertained and couldn’t do it by simple four chord punk music
We also enjoy “classic?” metal very much so
We are a very lead guitar oriented band with guitar inspirations from groups like Iron Maiden / Judas Priest / Black Sabbath

Influences include: Fugazi / Descendents / Superchunk / Judas Priest / Iron Maiden / etc

Dream rock moment (real or not)?

To be able to afford to take 1 month off of work ; pack up the van and tour the whole United States (Do-able right?)
We wanna see some of the world… at least what’s in our own country. We’re young and energetic. We hope to make this a reality

Still got day jobs?

Of Course we do… we’re not fuckin rock stars

Matt Graske – Cooks in various twin cities restauraunts (Carbone’s Pizzeria / Corner Cafe mostly)
Gregg Schmitt – Walmart Tire Lube Express Technician
Chad Medellin – Various Blue Collar jobs (Metal Fabrication / Cleaning Screens for a printing company / Occasional Prostitution Work)
Ryan Blue – Gordy’s Steak House! (A REal beast in the kitchen!)

Any regrets?

Yes We should have formed this band when we were in highschool instead of college!


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