Evans Blue

Evans Blue – The Melody and the Energetic Nature of Volume©2006 Hollywood Records Perhaps I’m hard to impress. Perhaps I don’t like the mainstream. Likely it is both. Evans Blue’s new CD "The Melody and the Energetic Nature of Volume" out now on Hollywood Records is what I would lump into the "ok" pile. Reminiscent of Tool and Perfect Circle the band ebbs and flows through 11 tracks of radio length rock. I can totally see people not head banging to this as some nameless video is played on Headbanger’s Ball.


fivespeed – Morning Over Midnight © 2006 Virgin Records “I’ll give it up to get it all” declares the lyrics on the “Fair Trade” the opening track of “Morning Over Midnight” the new release from Virgin Records recording artists, fivespeed, in stores now. This statement seems overly apt for a band that is screaming to be mainstream. The tracks are all groomed to the ultra Clear Channel and MTV friendly approximate 3.5 minute mark. The overall sound has an aggressive but non-threatening flavor which is occasionally punctuated by some heavy emotional power ballads. The musicianship is solid and the production value great. I just find that it lacks guts. If you wanna be the next big thing on the band wagon, that is fine by me, and apparently you. Verdict: If you are down with radio rock and MTV2, this is for you. www.fivespeed.com www.virginrecords.com Jerry Actually   

10 In The Swear Jar

10 In The Swear Jar – Accordion Solo (c) 2005 Asian Man Records10 in the swear jar is a short-lived band formed from the ashes of IBOPA and eventually evolved into Xiu Xiu. Accordion Solo is the result of the music made from 1999-2000 and is recently made available on Asian Man Records. My gut instinct is to tell you that you probably wont like this stuff. If you are regular consumer of !upstarter reviews, don't bother, this isn't your cup of tea. If, however, you are adventurous, give it a shot. I didn't like it. I can't even really describe why. It was almost like elevator music when I listened to it. It was there, but the impact was so minimal that it was hardly even noticed.-Jerry Actually