Dennis Bagwell [Paid in Full]

Dennis Bagwell – Paid in Full (c) 2006 Batteryface Records Dennis Bagwell, the modern day beat poet, brings back more angry diatribe. He lashes out at governments and stupid war. He's equally brutal to big religion. I could deal without the xenophobia though. His ability to use a poetic, spoken word format to share his opinions is phenomenal. Some of these tracks are downright, flippin awesome. Much love,Team !Upstarter.

Dennis Bagwell

Dennis Bagwell – A Random Litter of Thought (c) 2006 Batteryface RecordsI don't very often have the opportunity to review spoken word CD's, but that is what, in fact, we have here. "A Random Litter of Though" is 29 tracks of the recorded thoughts of OC area "Beat Punk" Dennis Bagwell. Funny thing is, if you do some research on Mr. Bagwell, you turn up a whole lot of info about a Texas former death row inmate of the same name. I'm going to suspect that unless this is a posthumous release, they are not one in the same. This Dennis Bagwell carries on in more of the vein of Ginsberg and Burroughs. The poems speak of death and redemption, love and loss and some liken humanity to feces. Though I respect the work done here, it isn't very easy to rock out to. In fact, it is kind of dragging on and on. I think poems are likely better left to the printed page.