Mega Infinity – Chaos Magick

Chaos Magick, the new EP from Mega Infinity is a pop-hook fueled, indie alternative rocker with four tracks of eclectic electric rock and roll. The lyrics are intimate and smart, revealing a scene that is all too often male-centric and misogynistic. While the title track offers up the positive aspects of artistic endeavors and the support of a strong community, Track two, “Dude Poisoning” launches a salvo against the pervasive negative aspects of the scene.

The EP provides four tracks in all, each with their own particular style and charm. The music is very vocally driven, with a range of instrumental support acting to reinforce a strong voice. Crunchy guitars and various electronica are laced throughout. A bonus is the bands take on the Alanis Morrisette track, “You Oughta Know”

Go ahead and diversify your collection and check it out. You can check out the video for Chaos Magick premiering today over on Punk News.

Jerry Actually

Chaos Magick
Dude Poisoning
Look Alive
You Oughta Know

For fans of: Sonic Boom Six, Rage Against the Machine, Just Friends, Don Broco, 100 Gecs, Flying Raccoon Suit, Nova Twins

    Mega Infinity are Michi (Turk) and Mike DiGiulio from Long Island NY. The two met while working in a grocery store, far from Michi’s home. They had a feeling that it would be the right move for them as a musician when they were transferred.

    In 2014, Michi formed this band with Mike’s friend Andrew. In 2018, Mike stepped in as guitarist and a main songwriter. The band’s sound took a turn towards heavier riffs and the inclusion of more electronic elements fused in with rock. 

    Mike and Michi, living together, started writing more songs together and hosting a weekly livestream including other musicians. In 2021 Mike proposed to Michi on stream 

    The stream opened them to meeting bands from all over they wouldn’t have had the chance to meet including Flying Raccoon Suit, Eichlers, Tape Girl, and more who influenced them to take chances musically.

    They were inspired to blend genres and styles that are unexpected, with elements of indie, emo, pop, hip-hop, ska, and progressive rock. They try to stay true to taking risks musically while having lyrics which tie together themes of perseverance, standing up for what you believe in and love for each other and their fans who they call the Megababes. 

    Their debut album Rainbow Heartache came out in December 2021. In 2023, they played for the first time in Texas for SPI Fest and went back into the studio soon after. Chaos Magick is produced by Nicholas Starrantino and Mike DiGiulio. They joined the Ska Punk International Family. Chaos Magick is releasing on Ska Punk International on October 10, 2023.

    Lemon Party – Trash City



    © 2012 Suitors Club Records

    Edgy/Indie suits Bay area outfit, Lemon Party quite nicely. The band has a new EP, Trash City out now. The EP features four tracks of past-era garage-fi melancholy, garage-fi angst, and plate reverb. (I don’t know if they actually used a big ol’ plate reverb unit or not, but the spacey echoing makes me think so. … What am I am engineer?) At any rate, there are four tracks on a recording that immediately reminds me of Dinosaur Jr. and things I can’t quite place at the moment.

    The songs run tempos from the mid-slow opener, Jerusalem Cruisers to the mid-quick sophomore and junior tracks, Hesh-Kevin and Massachusetts Meltdown respectively. The latter containing some fun woo-hooing. (like a Vonage commercial w/ the 5-6-7-8s.) The senior track, if you will, keeps the tempo up, but reduces the overdrive and achieves an even more decidedly 60s sound, (tonally if not musically.) I can’t make out much lyrically on initial listen, but the words sounds on the sad side … like “love” and “anymore”.

    To sum it up, Trash City by Lemon Party (curious about the name. have I lost touch with youth culture?) is a decent fun EP. I’d totally throw it in the mix every now and then for some tunes that are both up-tempo and downtrodden. Best of all it is a no risk move. Think you might like it? Think you might hate it? Is that so important these days? You can check it out compas gratis at their bandcamp page:

    –Jerry Actually