MayOrWest – We The End

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Sometimes writing a reasonable and objective review is challenging. Right now I’m listening to “we, the end” from Hoboken New Jersey’s MayOrWest. Self-described as alternative/punk-rock, I would venture that they are more alt-emo / post punk with major metal overtones, something of an anamorph between AFI and Queensryche. The disc features 12 tracks of mid-tempo melodic rock ranging between one and five minutes in length, though arguably some of the shorter duration tracks really qualify as intros. The individual songs seem to start off well enough, but within seconds they become far too operatic for my preference. While the songs are well arranged and executed, I really am not getting it. If MayOrWest could/would harness the energy that the backup vocal chant portion of track three, “Icarus” has, I think that I could get behind this a little more, but as it sits, I’m left wondering how fast I can change the station. That said, I appreciate the double entendre of their name. Intentional or not, there is some interesting confusion in “May or West” ala mixing time and direction with a logical operator, or “Mayor West” of Family Guy fame. Bottom line is that while done well, I don’t like what it is that they are doing.

–Jerry Actually


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