Adversary – Singularity

(c) 2008 Trustkill Records
Rating: ★★½☆☆

What do we have here? Lots o’ metal for damn sure. Not the worst I’ve heard, but not necessarily something I’m down with. It has some decent riffage but it also has a lot of wankin emo mello crap interludes. I guess you get what you pay for huh? At any rate if you like modern metal then you’ll love the livin’ daylights out of Adversary.

–Jerry Actually

Hay Perro – Summer of Destruction (EP)

(c) 2008 Belgian Style Records
Rating: ★★★½☆

From lands far east of here, in a town known unto legend as the Windy City and Chi-Town comes forth a alchemist’s concoction. Combining the dark forces of metal, the thunder of rock and the furious pace of the mighty jackalope a newer stronger less leaden band has been thrust forth thusly. Harkin unto Hay Perro I say. Listen to their five mighty tracks of sonic and rhythmic destruction. Ok, but more seriously I was getting way side tracked into the Dark Age tale of yore. Hay Perro hails from Chicago and has been around for about half a decade. “Summer of Destruction” brings it with five tracks of metal tinged rock and roll. You can certainly hear the Maiden influence as well as Kiss and perhaps a little Zeke … but what do I know? Comparisons aside Hay Perro has a fresh rock sound and from what I can gather would likely be quite formidable in front of you on a stage, preferably somewhere near to where you are. So, um, without further banter, go check ‘em out on the inter-tubes: and

–Jerry Actually