Black President Hits The Road




“BLACK PRESIDENT is a band founded on the belief that the human race is angry, greedy, simple & ugly. We believe in educating ourselves, treating the world & people around us with the same respect we would take from it. We are not “politically correct”, we’re just not ignorant”. Black President self-titled debut out now on Cobra Music.

After filling in as guest drummer on dates with TSOL Dave Raun will be joining the band full time replacing drummer Roy Mayorga. “Dave is a badass… We stayed at his house when our van broke down in Fresno on the Warped Tour and it just clicked. He came in, killed it on the TSOL tour, and has brought a whole new energy to the band. Roy is an old friend and amazing drummer who will definitely be missed. We wish him all the best and there are no hard feelings. Losing Roy for Dave is a quality problem that we can’t really complain about! We can’t wait to hit the road again in April.” States Christian Martucci

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Black President Tour Dates

For Los Angeles-based punk band Black President, all it took was one song, penned by guitarist and founder Charlie Paulson and titled “Last F__king Hope,” to detonate a musical explosion.  Black President self-titled debut out now on Cobra Music.

“With Black President, a hot hard band with attitude AND a message, Paulson’s finally found a perfect fit”
–My Fox LA

After finishing up a successful trek on the Vans Warped Tour 08 and a stint of hometown dates Black President is gearing up for a full national tour with TSOL kicking off January 23, 2009 in Pomona, CA.

“The journey that Black President takes you on is full of twists and turns that any roller coaster designer would be proud of”

The buzz continues to grow as the band recently garnered a featured artist spot on myspace music and an appearance on Dave Navarro’s SpreadTV on maniaTV:

It has been a long time since a punk rock band with something to really say about the status of the world we live in has come along and shaken the foundations of the scene
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Black President – S/T

(c) 2008 Cobra Music
Rating: ★★★★☆

Black President’s here y’all. You ready for it? Get ready for it. Welcome to some change I think we all can agree on, the debut self-titled release by punk rock quasi super group Black President. I’ve truely been looking forward to this release for some time and rest assured it does not disappoint. Black President was formed by Greg Hetson (Circle Jerks, Bad Religion) and Charlie Paulson (Goldfinger). Before the release of this recording, Hetson left the lineup due to conflicting obligations with other bands. If you want a rundown of the member history, checkout the Wikipedia entry. The band has since completed the roster with Jason Christopher (New Dead Radio) on bass and Roy Mayorga (Soulfly, Nausea) on drums. This release contains 14 old school hardcore punk tracks with a modern punk twist and no shortage of social and religious commentary. I don’t want to compartmentalize anymore than necessary to give you a big picture of what I’m listening to, but I’m thinking a mix of Bad Religion, Descendants and left leaning political fund raiser. Aside from the the obvious punk/rock trappings, be on the lookout for kickass little guitar frills and rock solid percussion. Whatever you do though don’t misconstrue the name of the band or the album as a tacit endorsement for any particular candidate. Instead, listen to the kick ass punk rock sounds and maybe think a little bit about who you really trust! Incidentally, the cover of Alice Cooper’s Elected is perhaps one of the best Alice Cooper covers I’ve heard to date … it brings a whole new meaning to “Rock the Vote”.

–Jerry Actually